PEX Tubing, Manifolds and Controls.

Here at Tesmar Application Technology, we promote only high value products for our radiant heating design and installation projects.  High Value doesn't, necessarily mean high cost.  We all know that a Bic pen can outperform some of the most expensive writing instruments.  We look for long term reliability at a reasonable cost to the customer.  We often specify pipe and components offered by our friends at Safelink Systems Inc.  We've had a business relationship with Safelink that goes back years before they sold their first coil of pipe.  Their pipe cannot be beat in terms of quality and performance. 

I have included a link for my customers to view the products that I specify from Safelink Systems, or as it is know in the industry, MR PEX Systems.  If it doesn't come up automatically, just copy and paste the link onto your search page. 

Mr PEX Systems Brochure