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    A 1968 picture of me (on the right) and my best friend Duneman in front of my aircraft “929”.  Al was killed in action on Nov 26. 

    I was a Vietnam helicopter pilot.  I served in the 187th Assault Helicopter Company at Tay Ninh, South Vietnam from 1 January 1968 to 22 December 1968.  During that time I flew 1258 combat hours in UH1 “Huey” helicopters.  I finished my career in the Minnesota Army National Guard with over 28 years service and 3500 flying hours.  My highest rank was Chief Warrant Officer 4.  I’m proud of my service and proud of my country.  In the day to day struggles over how to end up with someone else's dollar in your pocket, it helps to remember what it was all about so long ago. Sometimes the world of business seems insignificant compared to what my friends were willing to sacrifice.  I have to believe that they died for something more than our freedom to achieve return on net investment.  I dedicate this page to all my comrades in arms, and in particular to these very close friends who gave their lives:

    Al Duneman, Tom Brown, Jerimiah D. McGarry, Noel Williams, Steve Eckle, John Fitzgerald, Karl Ritzau, Frederick S. Kerry, and Denis Lulofs.

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