Who is Tom Tesmar? I am sometimes called the Rush Limbaugh of radiant heating, but I’m really a bit of a “Wood Billy” that has been in the board rooms and back rooms of the radiant heating and the PEX plastic pipe industry since it’s early days in America. An outspoken critic of “designer type” heating, I’d like nothing better than to dispel myths and bring the hydronic radiant panel heating technology home to a level that we can all understand. If you’re in the industry, chances are that somewhere along the line you’ve read my manuals. To learn more about me, click on my picture. There’s a lot of folks that don’t like me. You might as well find out why. 

To date, I have written seven commercial manuals on radiant heating, 5 commercial manuals on snow melting and 4 commercial manuals on PEX based potable water heating systems.  In each case, I was paid to do so by some manufacturer who had an agenda to promote his company product line.  As a paid consultant, I had to operate within the limits of what the customer would accept, sometimes at cross purposes with my own personal beliefs of what was needed in the market and how to approach these markets.  Since then, I've worked with a myriad of home owners and independent contractors who's main agenda is to get the best product and the best price for themselves and/or their customers.  Unlike a lot of so called "Experts" in the field, I continue to install all manner or radiant/snowmelt systems on a daily basis.  There's no way to learn that can match on the job experience.  I've learned something new on every job and try to pass that knowledge on to my customers. 

You may have read some of my articles in “The Wholesaler” “Plumbing and Mechanical” “Electronic Home” “Professional Plumbing” and other industry magazines on the subject of radiant heating and plumbing. Reprints of these and other unpublished articles can be accessed by clicking on the eye glasses.  In the near future I will be updating and adding to these articles in an effort to pass on what I have learned since. 

There is a lot of angst and confusion over current energy policy in the United States and a feeling that the change in the air is not for the better with regard to energy cost and availability for the future.  As was the case in the 1980's, this "opportunity" will bring out the "Snake Oil" salesmen and profit takers who prey on the "uninformed and gullible" customers.  People will be encouraged to abandon perfectly good existing heat appliances in favor of some government supported "energy efficient" and shiny new overpriced products with almost no promise of ever achieving a payback. I hope that I can help sift through the market offerings and point people into decisions which truly will conserve energy and provide a long term benefit to their bottom line. 

Also, my friends know that I am proud of my military service, and a former pilot with the 187th Assault Helicopter Company (Blackhawks and Crusaders). You might want to visit the Crusaders to learn more about some of the finest patriots that I have known. To do so, click on the Crusader Shield.

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