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Having worked as an industry consultant for many years, I have developed very good business relationships with a number of radiant heating component and system suppliers.  I recognize the difficulty that some customers have in accessing components that they need to properly construct a radiant panel heating system.  Small contractors living in remote areas and Do It Yourself homeowners often have little choice in available products.  Marketing hype and misinformation intended to sell inferior or overpriced components add to the difficulty and, often, result in the customer getting less than  what he desires for more than he really needed to pay.  For these reasons and others, In conjunction with my project consulting business, I also am able to provide the right components needed for these projects at prices that are competitive or better than offered elsewhere. 

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I will be adding literature to this page which will assist you in making decisions about your project. Please feel free to contact me regarding anything to do with radiant panel heating, snowmelt, Solar thermal, Geothermal and PEX based plumbing systems. 

Product Sales Heat Transfer Plates

PEX Tubing Manifolds and Controls

Sidewinder II Double Wall Heat Exchanger

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